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Waterproof slide switch principle and structure

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    The waterproof slide switch, as its name suggests, is a slide switch that can be operated with wet hands. In some humid environments that require a waterproof slide switch, you can use it with confidence.
At present, there are many brands and types of waterproof slide switches on the market, but in the true sense, there are fewer slide switches with good waterproof sealing performance. Among them, the British Arcolectric waterproof sliding switch has been widely known and recognized by customers for its superior waterproof performance and excellent quality since its introduction.
 What are the aspects of the waterproof slide switch?
The specific application of this waterproof slide switch is subject to many factors, such as the installation method and the installation direction of the product, the air flow, the pressure difference acting on the product, the strength of the fluid rebound and the working voltage; Even the Arcolectric waterproof slide switch with excellent sealing performance achieves a leading level of sealing technology, which means that the switch is completely sealed and it is also necessary to prevent the intrusion of corrosive gases or substances.
1. It adopts 3.5mm thickness pure aluminum to create the whole body sandblasting process, and the metal texture is super strong!
2, the material is luxurious and generous, the workmanship is exquisite in place, the size is 200*225*70mm, and the mini-ITX specification full range of motherboards can be installed.
3, more convenient and quick installation, DC power interface and dual Wi-Fi antenna interface at the rear, creating good conditions for high-speed and stable connection of wireless network!
4, the front panel is simple and generous, the most popular tact switch used nowadays, very beautiful.
5, quiet and environmentally friendly, perfect heat dissipation.
6, can be installed with a large hard drive.
What is the main principle and structure? The slide switch is generally composed of a handle, a slide plate, a movable contact piece, a fixed terminal, a compression spring, a casing, etc., and controls the opening and closing of the movable contact and the fixed terminal contact by pressing the switch handle. Slide switches are available in single-button and multi-key combinations. One-touch slide switch is generally used as a power switch in a TV set. It is also divided into a self-locking self-reset type (this switch is used to turn on the self-lock, press again to disconnect) and no lock (cannot Lock, press when you press, release and then reset) two structures.


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