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The working principle and basic knowledge of the touch button switch

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   The internal structure of the touch button switch is more complicated, and the general components include the handle, the slider, the contact piece, the terminal, the spring, and the like.
The touch button switch can be divided into a single button push button switch and a multi-button combined button switch. The touch button switch panel is now made of gold-plated, copper alloy, stainless steel, etc., but generally uses        high-quality plastic; touch-button switches are widely used in various industries, for example, in household appliances, such as single-button The push button switch is often used as a power switch for a television set, and the multi-key combination push button switch is often used as a program selection switch for an old-fashioned television set, and a state selection switch in an earlier washing machine. The key switches of general electromechanical components are characterized by safety certification, standard maturity, and lead-free.
With the continuous innovation of the touch button switch technology, the touch button switch has also developed rapidly in the industry, and the demand is increasing exponentially year by year.

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