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How to choose a good toggle switch

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  How to choose a good toggle switch has a very important effect on our life. Next, let's talk about what aspects you should pay attention to before purchasing the toggle switch:
  Look at the appearance
  Toggle switch switch appearance, surface should look smooth. The plating treatment should also be smooth, and it should be bright in the sunlight.
  2. Look at the feel
  Most of the good quality switches are made of high-grade materials such as bulletproof rubber. The fireproof performance, moisture resistance and impact resistance are high, and the surface is smooth. When purchasing, you should consider the feel of your own touch, and determine the material of the switch by hand. And ask the dealer. In general, products with a surface that is not too smooth and that feels thin and brittle are unreliable. A good switch socket panel requires no air bubbles, no scratches, and no smudging. The touch of the switch is light and not tight, and the socket of the socket needs to be equipped with a protective door. The plug should be inserted and removed with a certain force and the single foot cannot be inserted before selecting the toggle switch.
  The toggle switch is suitable for toys, electric toys, toy dolls, anti-theft devices, household appliances, mobile digital, electronic communication, electronic game machines, car anti-theft, intelligent systems.


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