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Pay attention to some things when using the micro button switch

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   What is a jog button switch? The micro button switch is a contact mechanism having a minute contact interval and a snap mechanism, and performs a switching action with a prescribed stroke and a prescribed force, and is covered with a casing, and a switch having a drive rod outside thereof because of the contact pitch of the switch Smaller, hence the name of the micro button switch, also known as the sensitive button switch. The electrical text symbol is: SM. Let's take a look at the application of the jog button switch and the matters to be noted.
   1. When fixing the main body of the switch, use a small screw of M2 to fix it on a smooth surface with a torque of 0.098 N·m or less. In addition, to prevent loosening of the screws, it is recommended to use washers at the same time.
   2. Changes in the operating characteristics should not cause a malfunction even if the ±20 [%] of the operating characteristic specification value changes.

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