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With the switch, do you know the temperature requirements for making miniature tact switches?

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   The use of push button switches is also very particular, such as what is the button switch suitable for, where is not suitable for use, etc., and this is also a problem in the production process, such as careful use of chemicals, careful use of flux, etc. The problem, let me introduce the temperature requirements of the miniature tact switch.
   1, push button switch with caution chemicals
   Since the micro-toggle switch base plate uses a synthetic resin such as polycarbonate, it is necessary to avoid exposing the potentiometer to a strong atmosphere of ammonia, an amine, an alkali solution, a threonine, a ketone, an ester, a halogen hydrocarbon or the like.
   2, push button switch with caution flux
   Water-soluble flux should be avoided when soldering, otherwise it will adversely affect the metal and other materials that make up the toggle switch.
   3, button switch low temperature work
   If the product is used in low temperature environment, such as the car radio or car audio of the cold belt, the company provides the comfort product according to the customer's request, please specify when ordering the order.
  4, push button switch solder
 The wiring design and soldering method of the micro-toggle switch should be avoided, and the molten tin flows to the plane of the PC board, which may cause poor contact.
   5, push button switch drive arm
   The micro toggle switch must not move the operating point away from the centerline of the slider. For the same reason, the shorter the distance B between the two, the better.
   6, button switch slider length
   The length is generally as short as possible (at least 5 mm). In the case where the width A of the slider is constant, the shorter the length of the slider, the better the feel, and the higher the output point, the worse the hand feel.
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