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Buying an explosion-proof button switch you have to pay attention to

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   Everyone knows that the explosion-proof button switch can work in a harsh and dangerous explosion environment, has a strong safety and reliability, and provides people with good security, but we also need to pay attention to the purchase process. Below you will explain the characteristics and parameters of the explosion-proof button switch.
   First, the characteristics of explosion-proof button switch
1. Compact structure and good reliability
2. Strong analytical and anti-interference ability, high precision
3, small size, light weight
4, with protection function, the power can be automatically cut off when there is overload, short circuit, phase failure or leakage in the circuit
5, long life
  Second, the technical parameters of the explosion-proof button switch
   At present, there are many types of explosion-proof push button switches on the market, but there are still few explosion-proof button switches that have excellent explosion-proof performance and are safe and reliable. 徳嵩Electronic explosion-proof push button switch is ideal, based on the design of professional explosion-proof push button switch in hazardous environment, suitable for all kinds of harsh environments.

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