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Pay attention to the characteristics of the toggle button switch

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   There are a lot of places where the toggle button switch is used, as we know, such as old-fashioned flashlights, alarm clocks, etc., which need to use the toggle button switch. We know the usefulness of the toggle button switch, but do you know what its characteristics are? What is the use for us consumers? What should we pay attention to when purchasing? Let's take a look at the performance of the toggle button switch. Features.
   1. The toggle button switch is a new generation of photoelectric switch device manufactured by integrated circuit technology and SMT external device technology. It has the functions of delay, broadening, external synchronization, mutual interference resistance, high reliability, stable working area and self-diagnosis. Function.
   Second, this novel photoelectric button switch is an active photoelectric detection system type electronic switch using pulse modulation. The cold light source used is infrared light, red light, green light and blue light, which can be non-contact and has no damage. Quickly and control the state and action of various solids, liquids, transparent bodies, black bodies, soft bodies and smoke.

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