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How to choose and install waterproof tact switch

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   We need to pay attention to some things when choosing a waterproof tact switch. For example, the selection and installation of waterproof tactile switches. Due to the increasing variety of waterproof tactile switches on the market, it is inevitable that inferior products will not appear. In order to avoid buying inferior products, how do we avoid it? Let's take a look at some of the electronics to explain how to choose and install.
  First, pick
  Low-voltage rectification and filtering circuit of waterproof tact switch: After the high-frequency transformer starts to step down, the ripple voltage is also rectified and filtered by diodes and capacitors, and the capacitor used in the rectification part cannot have too much AC impedance, otherwise it cannot be Filter out the high-frequency AC components, so the selected capacitors should not only have a large capacity, but also have a low AC resistance. In addition, one or two large-sized inductors with magnetic cores and filter capacitors can be seen. Filter out high frequency AC components together to ensure pure DC output:
  1. IP grade up to IP66, with international standard certification, anti-corrosion waterproof switch socket is suitable for industrial environment.
  2, the combination is free and easy, the installation is simple and firm.
  3. Advantages to meet your needs in a variety of harsh environments; waterproof, dustproof, chemical resistant, UV resistant, anti-collision.

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