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Dexter introduces high performance sealed waterproof push button switch series for industrial control and engineering / off-road vehicle applications

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   Dessert DASUNG, one of the world's trusted high-quality electrical switch brands, today announced the launch of the new PBM series of sealed waterproof push button switches. The new switches are suitable for demanding applications such as control handles, engineering/off-road panels, industrial instruments, elevators and conveyor controls.

   The switch is made of a black aluminum alloy housing with built-in silicone rubber seals and IP68 protection, making it ideal for harsh environments and powerful flushing applications, or where it may be exposed to dust, water or other harmful components. The PBM series of switches are tested for vibration (10 to 500 Hz) and impact (up to 50 g) with a rated mechanical life of up to 500,000 cycles.

Its fretting feature provides positive tactile feedback, while operating forces as low as 3N reduce operator fatigue. Designed for front panel mounting, this switch features a threaded body and comes standard with a nut washer. The PBM Series switches offer a wide range of button types and colors, giving designers greater flexibility.
  Silver contacts can handle resistive currents up to 5A, and low current applications as low as 10mA can also be designed with gold-plated silver contacts. Optional circuits include momentary SPST NC, SPST NO, and SPDT - all with a double-break design.
1 - Excellent water resistance
   The flexible membrane button of the PBM waterproof switch series is directly combined with the housing without any gap between them, so it can be waterproofed to the front of the panel with IP68 grade. The waterproof rubber seal at the bottom of the switch can also reach IP68 waterproof grade, and it also has frost and sand. Excellent resistance to various foreign objects such as dust, in addition, the PBM waterproof switch series has excellent handling and ergonomics, as well as a compact form factor for dense matrix mounting.
2 - Rich configuration options
    While offering outstanding performance, the PBM Waterproof Switch Series also has a wide range of configuration options, including but not limited to: 9 color flexible film buttons to choose from; flexible film buttons can be engraved with a variety of icons on the button surface, and There are 5 different color icon backlights to choose from; the icon technology can be selected only with icons with backlight, or the button face as a whole with backlight.
◆Product application: small handheld equipment, outdoor waterproof equipment, beauty mask machine, juice drink machine, coin machine, coffee machine, juicer, vending machine, dehumidifier, electronic door lock system, lamps, small appliances, bank Alarm equipment, access control security, aviation, automobiles, computers and peripherals, medical equipment, communication equipment, cleaning equipment, etc.

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