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2023 Hong Kong Autumn Electronics Exhibition-D-SWITCH will carry the latest research and development results

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From October 13 to October 16, D-SWITCH will present its latest research and development results at the Hong Kong Electronics Exhibition (Booth No. 5B-A25) . D-SWITCH offers thousands of specifications to match, has its own production plants and automated production lines and set up a laboratory to strictly control quality, with the existing professional technology as the core to meet customer needs. Lead the product quality with professional ability and promote the international brand image actively, become your most reliable partner!


Under the trend of carbon neutrality, PV + energy storage is an important support for large-scale development of renewable energy. D-SWITCH to provide high-quality and high-performance of the full series of button switches, power display modules, suitable for all kinds of photovoltaic and energy storage equipment.


In addition to standard switch and signal indicator products, D-SWITCH can also optimize, adjust and design customized specifications to meet customer needs, we focus on the research and development of switches, constantly trying new technologies and launching new products every year. The era of high-speed information has come, to meet the current equipment switch product iterative upgrades, desong electronics is committed to providing a variety of switch solutions, covering automotive industry, industrial control equipment, automation machinery, photovoltaic energy storage systems, medical, security equipment and other fields, to serve different customers in various fields of switch needs.

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