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Desong switch gives you an idea of the difference between the two-legged and three-legged rocker switch

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   The ship type switch is also called the rocker switch. Its wiring pin has two binding posts and three binding posts. The Desson switch below shows you the difference between the ship type switch and the rocker opening two feet and three feet:
  1, two-legged ship type switch, rocker switch
 The boat switch acts like a normal switch and acts as a disconnect and switch-on circuit. Never allow his two terminals to be connected to the positive pole and the negative pole, which will short circuit.
 The correct connection is that the positive pole of the power supply can enter any terminal of the ship type switch, and then its other terminal is led out to the load and then back to the negative pole of the power supply.
 2, three-legged ship type switch, rocker switch
 The three terminals should not have indicator lights, but with normally open and closed points. Generally, the common points are in the middle, and the two sides are normally open or normally closed (that is, switches in different positions).
  When making a transfer switch, the middle is the moving contact, and the two sides are fixed contacts; when making a single switch, you can only connect the middle column and any column on the side.
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