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Waterproof button switch installation skills and selection of standard instructions

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    Installation tips and selection criteria for waterproof button switches.
    Many people think that the waterproof button switch is small, and it doesn't need to be noted for installation. However, the old switch master installed by the old warfare said that the first installation of most people will lead to short circuit, and even some have A little experienced technician will also make a mistake when installing it. Therefore, Master Guo Guo summed up the following three points when installing the waterproof button switch: 1. Open the button cover and select the nut; 2. Insert the lower part of the open switch into the panel hole; 3. Screw on the nut and insert the button cover.
Of course, many times you do very carefully do the above, but the waterproof button switch will still be short-circuited, or can't get through, then what other factors will cause it? The master said here that the selection of the waterproof button switch material also plays a decisive factor. Here is also an selection criterion for the following points: 1 Select the type of the tube according to the purpose, such as emergency type, key type, indication And so on. 2 Select the type of push button switch according to the use environment, such as open type, waterproof type, anti-corrosion type, etc. 3 Select the color of the waterproof button switch according to the working condition and working conditions.

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